why alight motion is not working? crashes or has problems?

Lots of people are facing issues with alight motion not working. Do most people comment on why alight motion is not working? So until you tell us your problem. How will we solve your problem? That’s why if you have any problems then tell us in the comment so that we can solve them further.

We try to cover all issues that may an alight motion user face ever and present all possible fixes. So read carefully and point out your issue in the comment section.

My Alight Motion Screen Balck/White And Blank 

  • Most of the time, this happens. When you open alight motion you will see a black screen for a few seconds and after that, your app crashes without any error. Easily fixable.
  • A problem may be preventing the page from loading. Just click on the first left button(menu) on your mobile. Close this app and again reopen. At that time it worked accurately.
  • Sometimes your iPad or mobile may create issues. Restart your device and again open your application, now it works efficiently.
  • In case neither of the two methods works for you, wait until your mobile’s battery is completely discharged. Once it has been charged, turn it on by pressing the power button. And your app will start working.
  • If all these methods are not working uninstall your app and again install it from the play store.

Remember: In IOS you have an option to save your settings. You can also save your content by enabling iCloud backup. If the last method will not work for you install an older version of the alight motion mod apk.

Alight Motion Page Loading Issue

  • If the app isn’t loading properly, there are a few reasons why.
  • Sometimes the hosting server may be down, that’s why your app can’t be loaded, so you need to wait a few seconds.
  • If your app is loading continuously but does not work, check your data or wifi connection. Maybe your internet is slow.
  • A great number of people are using this app at a time so there could be a server down so keep waiting for a few seconds.
  • Putting the wrong credentials may be another loading issue. Make sure you save your credentials somewhere you won’t forget.
  • If you are trying to log in via third parties such as Google, Facebook, and Twitter try to configure that these services work accurately by visiting their official website.
  • Check an error message, maybe your account is deactivated or banned by the official application owners.

Alight Motion app installation issues

  • Make sure your mobile data or internet connection is working.
  • Free up mobile storage space.
  • The app version you have installed or try to install via support your IOS version or not.
  • Alight motion sign in loading problem is also very big issue.

Alight Motion App Updating Issues 

  • The Internet problem is the biggest problem that may stop you from updating your app. You have a strong internet connection while updating your alight motion app.
  • When we download the latest updates on our mobile, our mobile or device Ram fills up. So uninstall the apps that are not in use for getting enough space.

Audio And Video Loading Issues In Alight Motion Mod Apk 

  • If you have volume issues you can use headphones to trigger out whether it is an app issue or your speakers are cracked.
  • For video loading issues, it could be your internet issue. check your wifi or data connection.
  • And alight motion audio glitch will be solved.

Notification Problems In Alight Motion Mod Apk

  • First of all, you need to check whether you enabled your notification or not. Go to settings in alight motion and if it is not allowed, then enable it.
  • Also, check out that somewhere you have not turned off the sound of the notification. If so, run it.

Alight Motion Money Deposit Issue 

It is very common to issue alight motion pro apk when someone adds money in alight motion account but it doesn’t show. So how to deal with that situation?

Every money deposit method takes time for the company/ developer. So you need to wait for up to 24 to 48 hours and see if the money gets into your account. If not, contact the support of the app or developer/ company via the email address or other contact details. If you solved this issue other problem like membership status unavailable alight motion also solved.

How To Withdraw Money Which I Won In Alight Motion

  • Go to your account.
  • Open withdraw threshold.
  • Tap to withdraw.
  • Follow further steps.

Money Withdraw Not Successful In My Paypal Account. How To Verify?

Check out your withdrawal status, and see if it transfers successfully, then log in to your PayPal account. If you don’t see any transaction contact support. You can also check How To Add Stylish Hindi Fonts In Alight Motion?

If you still have an issue with why alight motion is not working then you can comment your issue or contact us.

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