How To Use QR Codes On Alight Motion? Free for Android & iPhone

In this article we will discuss How To Use QR Codes On Alight Motion. Alight motion mod apk is the world’s best video editing app that enables you to make animated videos completely free. There are plenty of presets that you can use even if you don’t have a premium account membership of alight motion.

QR code is a very famous topic of alight motion that is on the rise these days and people are also searching about how to use QR code on alight motion and how to give a professional look to your video. So today we will try to learn about QR code in this article.

What Is QR Code in Alight Motion?

As everyone knows what qr code actually is but what the purpose of qr code in alight motion confused us. By using qr code we import effects, presets and transitions made by another person on our project. The process is that we use someones creating effects by scanning the qr code.

How To Use QR Code In Alight Motion Mod Apk?

Before you use qr code, it requires some basic things to scan effects on your video.You can also check Alight motion premium app. Here are three ways how to use alight motion qr codes. You can check details below.

  • Scanner App.
  • Qr Code Of Presets.
  • Alight Motion App.

To make your video editing too much easier we have shared the qr source and best app scanner.

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1:) Scanner App

Alight motion qr code scanner. Many people complained that the qr code does not import in the scanner app. This is not a very big taks for us to enable qr code in a scanner app. I have shared a link with you that enables you to import QR code presets in the scanner app .

2:) QR Code Of Presets

Before scanning your app, you should have some presets that can make your video look good. You can get these presets from instagram. Go to your instagram and search for light motion presets. Different accounts will come, open one of them and select the image or last post. The QR code image will be shown at the very end.

Some Basic Steps For QR Code In Alight Motion

  • Go to instagram and take some screen shots of Qr code.
  • Select the effects.
  • Take screenshots.
  • Open qr code scanner.
  • Import the screen shot.
  • Now import qr code in qr code scanner app.
  • You can directly scan using two mobile.
  • Import image.
  • Tip: Open insta qr page in laptop or pc and scan with your mobile.
  • After that link will appear.
  • Copy link and paste in your browser.
  • After that it will automatically import in alight motion.
  • That’s it.
  • Now you can use alight motion qr codes.

alight motion transition qr code

Alight motion offers a variety of features, including customizable transitions, and is a popular video editing app. Users can create their own transitions using Alight Motion’s QR code and share them with others so that they can integrate them directly into their apps. You can download these QR codes and use them in your own videos to give your content an original flair. Many people share QR codes on social media, and they can be incorporated into videos as well. If you don’t know how to import qr codes on alight motion then you can watch this video and learn how to import it.


These are the best tricks to upload effects and graphics on your videos and photos. By following these steps you are able to make you grow out of this question of How To Use QR Codes On Alight Motion. I hope you have not only liked this article but also found it easy to implement. We appreciate your remarks in the comment section. Thanks:)

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