How To Use Chroma Key on Alight Motion? Effect Guide 2023

The purpose of this article is to show you how To Use Chroma Key on Alight Motion. How can you use a green screen in alight motion and give your video’s more professional look? Through these steps you can add a green background feature in alight motion. So let’s start.

Now I am gonna explain to you how to use a alight motion green screen feature & alight motion chroma key.

  • Tap on alight motion.
  • Create a project.
  • Use a black page or any other you want.
  • Add a green screen video.
  • Come to media.
  • Select recent to easily locate it.
  • Select your green screen.
  • To use chroma key feature widen this little bit.
  • Tap on the green screen.
  • Come to effect.
  • Add effect.
  • Then right above all these where you do get chroma key.
  • Come to chroma key.
  • There are two options, green or blue screen.
  • Select the green screen.
  • Come to this right green blue.
  • Select the color.
  • Tap on pencil like icon and select the color as you want for your green screen.
  • That’s it.

Now let’s go and check out how your video does play. I am sure that it is accurate. In case you want to make adjustments, you can make adjustments to the threshold. Distorting everything or making it clearer is an option. You can also check How To Reverse Video In Alight Motion.

Another experiment is that if you go towards zero zero the green still remains. In order to take it to the highest threshold possible so that’s it to feather you can also make the same adjustment, so make the adjustment according to the color that you do have the green screen varies from every green screen video to another. You can also invert everything in your video.

For example you can remove the middle part of the green screen and level the green screen. For this come back to the effects chroma key, you can decide to invert everything boom andthat’s how you eliminate the part in the middle.

After you do that everything will pop out except this part. But that’s the purpose of green screen videos. If you want to finish your editing click on the right corner and save this export to your phone.

FAQS-how to use chroma key in alight motion

Here is complete video how to use green screen in alight motion please follow all the video to remove green screen.

Here is few simple steps how to change background in alight motion just follow the video carefully thank you.

Celeste M. Shorey

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