How To Share Alight Motion Project? Complete guide 2022

How To Share Alight Motion Project. Whenever we create something, we want not just to share it to our friends, but to showcase it as a brand. Do you use alight motion app? Are you a creator in alight motion? Which project are you working on right now? Are you looking to share your project on alight motion?

In our latest post we explain to you how to share alight motion project. What are the steps to share your video through a link? What are some ways you can share your projects on social media such as Facebook,Twitter, instagram etc.

How To Share A Project On Alight Motion 

  • Open your alight motion app.
  • Create a new project.
  • Add media.
  • Add music.
  • Use different presets and effects.
  • Once you have done all the creations.
  • Change the name of your file/project and enter that you want to add.
  • Now click on top right corner (arrow) click on it.
  • There are different options will appear.
  • Check project packages.
  • Wait for few seconds and your package link will be ready.

Note: You need to buy a premium subscription to share your project with others or download mod apk file.

  • Copy link to clipboard.
  • Now click on arrow to share your link that placed in down when you copy link.
  • To import this link in alight motion.
  • Open your browser.
  • Paste the link you have copied and click to search.
  • Now you will redirect to alight motion interface.
  • There are two options cancel or import.
  • Click to import.
  • Your project downloaded.
  • Now you have done, your project has been added to alight motion preset.

If you want alight motion project link and download or import the project Then you are right place. Here you will find alight motion project package / Download . so don’t worry follow the below link & import alight motion project.


So guys these are steps how To Share Alight Motion Project with your friends and anywhere you want. The steps are many but easy, once you apply it you will never forget it.

Make beautiful videos and share them with your friends and loved ones by using this opportunity. Remember that you need to buy a premium account to share your project on alight motion app.

If you do not want to buy a premium subscription you can read our guide lines about how to get free membership in alight motion on our site.

Celeste M. Shorey

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