How to move pivot point in alight motion [Beginner Friendly]

How to move pivot point in alight motion .Pivot points are the fulcrum or joints that are used to connect two layers. When we make a video, especially an animated video in alight motion, we join different layers and parts of the cartoon or something like that. To join different layers we use pivot points.

Most people use pivot points to make animated videos. However, some don’t know how to use pivot points correctly. Their pivot point cannot be moved in a light motion. So in this article we guide you how you can move the pivot point in alight motion step by step.

Steps To Move Pivot Point In Alight Motion 

Pivot points act as a fulcrum or joint for a layer.

  • Go move and transformation in alight motion project.
  • Click on location symbol.
  • When you click on this icon it will change into a pop up where the pivot point will be ready to place it.
  • The tex would change as well from “swipe here to move layer” to “swipe here to move pivot point”.
  • To place the pivot point swipe on the control pad.
  • That’s it.

HowTo Know That You Have Done The Right Placement Of Pivot Point

  • As you place the pivot point, head to rotation.
  • Rotate the layer.
  • If the layer rotate exactly as you want, then its ok.
  • But if the outlines is not matching then there is something wrong.
  • You need to fix the placement of the pivot points.

Note: if you are using pivot points for joining legs, or hands so the outline will not match after a certain point and that’s ok. Don’t worry about it.

Fixing Unmatched Outlines

  • Back to tap on the pivot point symbol or tap on the location symbol.
  • Now add keyframes and locate it to the match outline.

Where We Need To Place Pivot Point 

Let suppose we add a pivot point in the gacha character body, placed in these positions.

  1. Head
  2. Boady
  3. Upper arm both sides
  4. Lower arm both sides
  5. Thighs
  6. Lower legs

Remember: As much as your canvas is small, your pivot size is bigger. In alight motion the smallest canvas or composition size is 32. Pivot points do not need to be animated, but you can animate them nonetheless. You can also check How To Delete an Alight Motion Account.

Celeste M. Shorey

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