How To Mask On Alight Motion: Expert Tips And Tricks 2023

How To Mask On Alight Motion. Make your video fantastic by adding multiple layers. Make your videos double role in the same video. Mix your title and scenes with each other. It is probably confusing to you how this is possible. But it is possible, mask on alight motion allows us to add multiple layers in our videos. The question is how to mask in a light motion?

You can blend your videos, text and images by using alight motion mod apk. In alight motion you can add amazing effects and edit your video out of class. This is very simple and easy to mask on alight motion mod apk.

In this article we are going to tell you who you can blend your 2 pieces videos, text and images, how to mask on alight motion and types of masking in alight motion mod apk. Let’s first know what masking actually is.

What is masking in alight motion?

Masking is a video editing technique in which you can hide, reveal, duplicate and modify the video according to your choice. By using a mask feature you create videos and display your editing skills.

Mask is nothing but each image and video you want to combine. We use masks in alight motion to make our videos and images more attractive. It can be applied on any template, text or anything that cools your videos visuals.You can also check How To Sign In Alight Motion Mod Apk.

How To Mask On Alight Motion Complete Guide

Overlay your images and videos in alight motion called masking. The people that are unaware of how to use alight motion can create wonderful animated, professional videos by reading our step to step guide. So let’s stay calm and come with us. or you can also learn how to duplicate in alight motion.

  • Open your alight motion app.
  • Add the image in the background.
  • Add any video or layer you want to mask.
  • To add layer you can add any text, image or video .
  • The layer you want to mask, set it on the top, set the duration of each layer the same.
  • Apply mask.
  • Selects both layers and click on the layers button and add second layer.
  • In the right corner in the menu bar select the create masking group.
  • Your mask in light motion have been added.
  • Now you can customize it as you want.


In alight motion masking is an essential part to making a video more attractive and looking professional. As everyone likes to appear himself as a brand, which can also be done after you make the fantastic videos with a combination of masks and variety of effects in alight motion. Read our full guide on how to mask on alight motion and make beautiful videos on your Ios and pc.

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