How To Import XML File In Alight Motion IPhone & Android

How To Import XML File In Alight Motion.When we are working on video editing and want to become an expert in this field we search a bundle of apps that may consume a lot of time. In terms of video editing Alight Alight motion comes to mind as this is a renowned app for motion graphics + animation, exploring. Alight motions offer a lot of presets and effects completely free.

Despite being able to run on both Android and iOS devices, this app provides the best user experience. People who know this app and are working on it literally asked a question: does Alight Motion Mod APK Support XML Files, so its answer is yes. Alight motion allows their users to not only create projects but also import and export Xml files.

When I heard that we can export files in alight motion, I searched for how we can do it? When I did this process in practice, I felt that it could be difficult for any newbie and many people would have failed to solve it.

So if you are one of them then stay tuned with our article to know how to impor xml alight motion. I am sure that after applying these rules you will be able to import your xml file in your AM app.

How To Import XML File In Alight Motion On Android Device 

The most comprehensive method is this. In this case, third-party apps are not needed. You simply share your xml from your android file manager to alight motion application. Follow the below steps for how to use xml in alight motion.

  • First you need to have an xml file, so download xml file from any website.
  • Now go to file manager>download>recently.
  • You can also find out the folder in which you save your file in mobile phone.
  • Select the xml file by long press and click on the share option.
  • If you didn’t see it, click on three dots, and click on the share option.
  • Multiple apps showing you.
  • Know select alight motion app and you have done.
  • You can check this file by searching in alight motion project.

Remember: this method works only to share a single file at a time. You can’t share multiple xml files at a time through this method.

If you are not seeing alight motion not showing in share option, there may be various reasons. One is that you may be importing too many files at once. Second, it may be that your phone has default settings due to which it has selected an app by itself.

So you can come out of this problem by doing your phone settings. Simply go to settings and then select apps, then click on three dots and check recent app preferences.

How To Import XML File From Google Drive  

Now we are going to import our xml file by using google drive. So let’s come with us.

  • First of all you have the drive app in your phone and xml file.
  • Download both things, google drive app from play store and xml file from our website.
  • Now upload your file to google drive.
  • Open it and tap on plus icon and click to upload.
  • Browse the folder in your phone where you store your file and select it to upload.
  • Locate this file, click on the menu and there are different options in front of you.
  • Tap on “Send a Copy” > select app (alight motion) and import.
  • That’s all.

How To Import Xml File Iphone 

Many people may be thinking that we can use the above method to import the Xml file in an IPhone, but the method that we have mentioned earlier is not applicable for OS devices such as Iphone or Ipad. This is the reason mostly alight motion does not show in the sharing option.

So how to use xml in alight motion ios? Is there any solution? By using Qr code or alight cloud link you can import your xml file on the iphone. So you need to have a project link of your all media to share it with others.

Fortunately alight motion pro membership enables you to create projects and export as project packages. As you export the package you will get a permanent link of your projects that you can share anywhere on social media or with your friends.

You can link to anyone’s project. There are some steps you need to read:

  • Go to your browser or simply on pinterest
  • Search alight motion qr code
  • Select one of them and download
  • Go to google photos an app in your device and open the image
  • Click on 3rd one option beside delete option
  • After that you will see website option under the picture, click on it
  • Verifying link
  • There two options import or cancle, tap to import
  • That’s it
  • Now replace the image with your original image

So this is the method by which you can import the project through qr code. You have to note that if you are using the free version, you cannot import projects larger than 5MB. Alight motion xml file download If you need .Alight motion xml file download here.

Final Words

So these are the fixes that help you How To Import XML File In Alight Motion both on Iphone or Android devices. Most of the people have the same problem of the app not showing up while sharing which is now resolved. We can only advise Iphone users to buy the premium version of alight motion and import your project by scanning the QR code.If you have any problem anywhere, you can tell us 🙂

Celeste M. Shorey

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