How To Group Layers In Alight Motion? 2023

How To Group Layers In Alight Motion. To display your project in an organized way you need to group layers. Once you group your layers they act as a single layer. This makes your work convenient and effective. Mostly people who use alight motion want to know how to group layers in alight motion. Grouping layers is easy with Alight motion mod apk.

There are many people who have just started using alight motion and they don’t know what are the layers in alight motion and how they are used. So first of all we know what layers are and how they are made.

Layers In Alight Motion

Layers are the components of animations. These are essential parts of designing or editing any video. The main feature of a layer is that you can separately work on every single portion. It means when you work on a portion it will not disturb the other part of the same video. In Fact by using layers you can change rotation, colors and text and pivot all the elements, without editing the real image.

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How Can I Create The Layers In Alight Motion

  • Simply tap on alight motion.
  • Click on plus icon.
  • Tap on project and create.
  • Click on green + icon and tap on shape.
  • Select any two to three elements.
  • Arrange your layers.
  • It’s all done.

As you have come to know what layers are and how to create layers in alight motion, now let’s go on how to group the layers in alight motion.

How To Group Layers In Alight Motion 

  • First create a project.
  • Then create layers at least two to three.
  • After that long press to select the layers.
  • There is an icon(intersecting shape) on the top after three icons.
  • Click on it.
  • Your layers are grouped.

How To Ungroup Layers In Alight Motion 

  • Click on three dots at top right corner.
  • Click to ungroup .
  • That’s it.
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