How To Download Fonts In Alight Motion For Andriod & IOS

When you use alight motion which is a video editing app, you create different videos in it. So you thought, how do I make my videos attractive? You can make it possible in different ways either by using presets or by using different effects or using different fonts.

Do you express your heart by writing in your pictures? For that, you will need different fonts that others find attractive. Do you want to use fonts for your videos? Do you already know about fonts? But you don’t know how to download fonts in alight motion. So in this post, we tell you how to download fonts in alight motion.

  • Open your browser.
  • Search dafonts.
  • Click on the first website/link.
  • There are different types of fonts available on this website.
  • Click on anyone you like or you can search for top trending fonts in the search bar, and download.
  • Now go to mobile file manager.
  • Here, your downloaded fonts will be shown in the recently.
  • Click on it and click on oncompress, extract your fonts.
  • Now go to alight motion.
  • Click on the + icon.
  • Create a new project.
  • Click on the + icon placed in the footer.
  • Click on the text icon and write whatever you want.
  • You can change your text size and color.
  • Now click on the font option placed on the top.
  • To view all fonts.
  • Now click on three dots.
  • Untick all the options.
  • Tap to import font.
  • So the fonts you have downloaded will be shown. And if you don’t see the fonts, then click on three dots, then click on download, then the fonts will be shown.
  • Now select the font you want to add.
  • The selected fonts will show in alight motion.
  • Whichever font you select, your text will be changed to the same font.

So guys you can add multiple stylish fonts in alight motion in the same way and can use these fonts in your favorite videos. If you have any confusion you can tell us by using the comment section:)

Make plenty of videos with various stylish fonts and share them with your friends. If this method will be helpful for you, you can share it with your friends so they can also make a video like you.

Celeste M. Shorey

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