How To Do Velocity Edits on Alight Motion (Velocity On Alight Motion Tutorial)

What is the velocity edit process? and How To Do Velocity Edits on Alight Motion The famous video and animation editor – Alight Motion – is a popular topic of discussion on the internet.

Despite the importance of this question, there is also an answer available. Due to its newly launched status and ongoing improvement process, Alight Motion did not yet offer the velocity editing feature. This lack of feature soon became a complaint among the users and video editors.

Following that, the development team began working on velocity edit alight motion preset functionality. Let us introduce you to this feature briefly.You can also download alight motion mod apk latest version with all premium features.

What is meant by Velocity Editing?

How To Do Velocity Edits on Alight Motion

The speed of editing a video is actually determined by its frame rate or fps (Frames Per Second). You can adjust the video’s speed according to your requirements by changing its velocity.

The best frame rate value for videos is something you must be aware of if you have heard about frame rate. When choosing your video’s frame rate, multiple factors are taken into account.

You need not worry! Using the Alight Motion App, you can customize the velocity of your videos. Below is a guide to help. Keep reading!If you want download alight motion premium apk for ios then you can download here and enjoy premium features free of cost.

Step by step Guide How To Do Velocity Edits on Alight Motion

How To Do Velocity Edits on Alight Motion

The Alight Motion app allows you to edit velocity quickly and easily. Follow our comprehensive guide to do it.

  • Step 1: Ensure your video is running at its normal speed. The music should be added, the desired filters applied, stickers applied, beautiful text added, and whatever else you like.
  • Step 2: Add animations to the Alight Motion app using the default speed.
  • Step 3: Based on what we’ve seen so far, your video appears to have multiple layers. Each layer containing video will need to be edited.
  • Step 4: Click on the layer where you want to edit velocity.
  • Step 5: Your mobile screen will display a graph (option) after you select from the options.
  • Step 6: The graph settings can be accessed by clicking here. Within the linear option, you’ll see four sub-options: easy in, easy out, easy in, and easy out.
  • Step 7: The usage of all of these options differs and the results are different as well. Let us explain them here.
  • Linear: Constant speed movement of objects.
  • Easy into: At the beginning, move the object slowly and at the end, move it quickly.
  • Easy out: The object should be moved fast in the beginning and slowly in the ending.
  • Easy in and out: There is a mix of speeds available (fast and slow) for your object.

  • Step 8: Save your video again after picking your preferred speed-control option.
  • Step 9: All layers on your video where you want to adjust the speed should go through the same process.
  • Step 10: Well done! Alight Motion worked properly in velocity editing. Share your video and have fun.

If you have no idea about alight motion then you don’t need to worry here you can learn How to Use Alight Motion App.

FAQ-How To Make alight motion velocity shake

What is a velocity edit?

In video editing, velocity edits enable video speeding up and slowing down at specific seconds. … You can get an idea of what is possible by studying this example of a velocity edit.If you want to use alight motion for pc then dpn’t worry you can use alight motion for pc without any andriod phone or you can easily edits your video on pc without any high level video editing software.

How do you make video edits on alight motion?

How do you get free velocity edits?

What are the best apps for velocity edits?

Beloew you can check some apps for velocity edits.

Can you make velocity edits on video star?

How do you make good edits for free?

how to edit on alight motion gacha life?

Is velocity App on iPhone?

Speed reading can now be done on the iPhone with Lickability’s Velocity app. The app allows users to open their articles to have the text flash by at speeds up to 1000 words per minute once hooked up to a Pocket or Instapaper account. (My preferred setting is about 340 words per minute.)

How do you make alight motion edits?

How do you fast forward in alight motion video?

You may change the pace of the animation by dragging the slider located at the bottom of the screen. Altering the beginning and ending timings of a layer may be accomplished by clicking the corresponding buttons located above the slider.

How do you do smooth velocity edits?

How do you add velocity?

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The video editing profession has become increasingly popular in recent years. Editing videos at a high speed makes them more appealing and focused for the viewer. Your video will not have the same visual appeal without velocity editing.

Velocity editing has never been easier than with the Alight Motion app.or you can also learn how to do velocity on video star.

Alight Motion’s velocity edit app process is explained in step-by-step format. With this simple and quick method, we hope you will make your videos more captivating. Additionally, you can use Alight Motion to remove watermarks from videos.You can also get Millions of alight motion apk effects Free of cost.

If you have any question or issue feel free ask in commetns.

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