How To Do Transition On Alight Motion 2023 (Ultimate Guide)

Videos are trending now, no matter on whatsapp, insta facebook, TikTok, or snack video. Everyone is more sophisticated today, and they all look here you learn How To Do Transition On Alight Motion.

Are you a person who wants to groom yourself? Why not? This is the right of every person to groom themselves. Alight motion is the best app for making videos no doubt but how to improve its beauty so that engages your followers more and more?

You can make your video more engaging, beautiful, and even more enjoyable by doing transitions on the alight motion. There is no need to worry about that how to do alight motion transition preset if you’re a complete novice.

We have created a list of easy-to-understand and simple to apply steps that every person can apply. Make your video stunning with us.

Alight Motion Transition

Alight motion is a well-known video-making and video editing app. But you know how to do transition on the alight motion? If you are a daily user of the alight motion app you must have heard about its transition. But have you done it ever? If no! Why are you waiting for?

Transitions are the effects of videos to enhance the visual appeal of various clips. If you want to make a video of the next level such as move, transform, and transition then alight motion transition is the best method to apply.If you want use alight motion without watermark you can download here free of cost.

How To Do Transition On Alight Motion

Basic Steps To Apply how to do a shake transition on alight motion

This is a very simple and convenient process to transition your video into alight motion. So let’s follow the steps without delay.

  • First download alight motion from our site if you don’t have the latest version.
  • Now open alight motion and click on the option of media/which video you want to edit from your device.
  • You can add your photographs by clicking on the plus sign placed on your timeline.
  • Select the image and go to the transition menu, you can choose the transition as you wish for each image.
  • Now it’s your right either you play your video to get lots of reviews or also can animate them.
  • Adjust your image in size which is best and then download the video in the quality you like.
  • Congratulations you have all done.
  • These are the alight motion transitions.

If you want Download alight motion effects here you can download 50+ shade effects and many more.

Noted: If you want to add transition on multiple images, you add transition on every image separately.

Alight Motion Smooth Transition

Smooth transitions are the most demanding transition in alight motion for editing video. Let’s see how can we apply alight motion smooth transition.

  • First of all, open your app alight motion on your device. Select the plus symbol given at the bottom of the screen. Select the ratio you want and after that tap on create a project.
  • Click again on the plus symbol, image, and video for editing. This is optional to add background to your image if you want you can add otherwise no issue.
  • Alight motion allows you to settings your image according to your choice.
  • Lens blur” is an amazing effect you can by clicking on the right-click.
  • Choose the curve values and add frequency at 42.
  • Now save your video.
  • Watch your editing video to check the quality.
  • Finally your alight motion smooth transition video is now live.
  • Make as many videos on alight as you want and give people a chance to give reviews.

Frequently asked question(Advanced alight motion transitions)

How do you do effects on alight motion?

How do you keyframe in alight motion?

How do you add a smooth transition to a video?

How do you make transitions?

How do you speed up a video in alight motion?

You may change the pace of the animation by dragging the slider located at the bottom of the screen. Altering the beginning and ending timings of a layer may be accomplished by clicking the corresponding buttons located above the slider.

What is Demo mode in alight motion?

Demo Mode is a setting that can be found on Apple Silicon-powered Mac computers, as well as Android smartphones and tablets, iPhones, and iPads. It gives you the ability to choose which photos, videos, and audio files from your library should be displayed in the app while you’re working on your project.Or you can also download alight motion for ios.

How do you make moving videos in alight motion?

How do you add transition effects to videos?

  • Upload Video. You will first need to upload the video to which you will be adding effects. Choose the video you want to edit,
  • then click the “Add Effects” button. … Export by selecting Transitions from the option on the left.
  • After you have adjusted the look of your film to your liking, all that’s left to do is click the “Export” button, and you’re finished!

Can u animate on Alight Motion?

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How do I transition between videos?

Final Words

When we talk about the best video editing app, Alight motion comes on the top of the list. Transitions are the features of this app that every user want to use and are mostly already in use.

There are different types of transitions such as fade, 3D, cut dissolve, and many others that not only make your videos more attractive but also engage your users permanently. This state-of-the-art app contains plenty of transitions right now. So why you can’t make your video more stunning and valuable? Follow our provided information alight motion transition preset.


There is an opportunity for you that you can do velocity edits and remove watermarks in the alight motion apk.

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