How To Delete an Alight Motion Account?[Complete guide] 2023

It’s quite simple How To Delete an Alight Motion Account on your android, iphone or ipad. Do you want to delete your alight motion account, app and personal data keep reading this article. Remove your relationship completely with alight motion just doing some simple steps.

Deleting alight motion account is not as difficult as you thought. If you don’t know what to do. So you can follow these rules.

  • Delete your alight motion account through Email.
  • Delete alight motion account from Iphone.
  • Delete From Android.
  • Other options.

Delete Account Via Email 

Below we mentioned 2 methods through which you can delete your personal data and account both. These are.

GDPR: European Union’s general data protection regulation which comes into force on May the 25th next year 2018 and it regulates the process and movement of personal data of any person who resides in the 28 countries of the European Union.

CCPA: Central consumer protection authority which aims to protect privacy rights and consumer protection. Basically this business enables a service provider to delete their account or personal data.

So these are the laws which are based to delete any account or personal data. However to delete alight motion account via email is now possible. Do these steps and delete your account.

Remember: if you are deleting your data under gdpr or ccpa so you do not need to mention any reason about why you are deleting your account or personal data.

  • First of all write the reason in your email, why you want to delete your account.
  • Add all the information regarding your alight motion account.
  • Reference the law (GDPR or CCPA) in which you requested.
  • If you are requested through CCPA, alight motion has been fined $7,500 and GDPR has been fined 4% of its annual turnover.
  • Send your email on this [email protected].

Delete Alight Motion ON Your IPhone 

It is common to delete an app especially when we are tired of using the same thing all the time. There could be another reason behind deleting an alight motion account on iphone is that to remove your storage and freeing up space for new storage. You can also check alight motion apk latest version.

how to delete alight motion account on an Iphone, there are a few steps as follows.

  • Tap on alight motion app and hold it until a pop up will appear.
  • Click on X Icon at the right corner.
  • Tap on it.
  • And click the red button and viola.

The Second Method:

  • Go to your iphone’s settings.
  • Tap to general.
  • Go to phone storage.
  • Roll down to view all installed apps.
  • Search for alight motion aap.
  • Select it and delete.

How To Delete Alight Motion From Your Android Devices 

  • Go to google play store.
  • Go to My Apps & Games.
  • There is a list of apps that are installed on your device.
  • Click on alight motion.
  • Tap to uninstall.

Second Method:

  • From your home screen, tap the motion icon to turn it on.
  • Hold it for a few seconds.
  • 2 options are shown, uninstall or cancel.
  • Tap to uninstall it.


  • Go to settings on your android phone.
  • Tap on applications.
  • Select alight motion mod apk and delete it.

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