How to adjust speed in alight motion? Free guide 2023

In this article, we are going to guide you How to adjust speed in alight motion and make your videos more catching . We describe how you can set the speed slower and faster for your video to achieve the desired effects. This article is completely about how to adjust speed in an alight motion application.

Alight motion is all about creativity. It’s meant for animation, vix stuff like that. In alight motion, you can change the speed of layers. So what to do to change or adjust the speed of your clip? Let’s make it easy for you.

The transform menu allows you to set the speed according to your choice such as slow, normal, and fast. Determine which speed you like to add for faster (2x/4x/8x/16x) and more. For Slower (0.5x/0.25×0.1x). You can also check What kind of tasks can I perform with Alight Motion Pro Apk.

How To Change The Speed Of A Video

  • Create a new project.
  • Add your video in which we control or adjust the speed.
  • Let’s suppose its a 4 seconds video.
  • Select a layer and create a group.
  • Click on the layer you want to speed up and down.
  • Click on edit.
  • Click on setting and change, retiming as stretch.
  • Back on the main timeline.
  • Let’s high the speed of this video.
  • Then cut it into half, and the speed of this video will be fast.
  • If we slow this video, we increase the size of this video.
  • The speed of this video will be slowed down.
  • Now add another video and change its speed.
  • Now we do the same make this a group and edit the group and go to setting and retiming set as stretch and back then we fast this video then.
  • If you want to slow your video cut it into short.
  • Your video will be slowed.

Remember: The video takes fewer seconds to load or playback properly.

How To Set The Speed In Alight Motion 4.0 Plus Versions

  • In this version, we create an element not a project.
  • Add a video to this element and click on the upper settings button.
  • Set as stretch.
  • Go to backhand.
  • Create a new project.
  • Click to add button, tap on the element and add that element that we create.
  • To make this video fast cut this layer into short.
  • Your video’s speed is now fast.
  • Export it.

Note: This method will not be working on a random video that is slow and fast. Only the video is made in alight motion.

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