How To Add Motion Blur On Alight Motion? Effect Guide 2023

How To Add Motion Blur On Alight Motion .Motion blur is a feature of alight motion that automatically blurs your objects in motion to give them a more cinematic feel and look. To see motion blur in action we need to have something to add blur to.

  • Tap + icon.
  • Then click on the shape.
  • Add a circle and move it to the lower left.
  • Tap move and transform then click to add a keyframe to set its starting position.
  • Move in playhead, ahead in time, and move the circle with the control pad.
  • Tap the circle to add motion blur.
  • Click Effects.
  • Now swipe to the right to the blur then scroll down.
  • On the motion blur panel tune determines the size of blur and position scale and angle toggle the motion blur during motion resizing and rotation respectively.
  • Usually, you can leave these settings as it is.

There are some compulsory components that you used while making an alight motion video. These are.

  • Order Of Effects
  • Easing Curves
  • Practical Uses Of Curves

1): Order Of Effects
Motion blur is a combination of plenty of effects. There are different types of effects, some of them change the object’s shape and most of them are used for the movement of an object. These effects are not visible on screen. For moving an object the Oscillate effect is used. To change the shape of an object Fractal Wrap is most commonly used in motion blur.

2): Easing Curves
If you want to give your motion blur a natural look, linearly use the easing curve from where the layer is moving slowly near the start and end of the curve. Use move and transform to change your easing curves.

Remember: To see and alter easing curves, put the playhead in the timeline between two keyframes.

3): Utilizes Of Tunes
Tunes are used to change the value and frame rate of your video in motion blur. You can use tunes for both increasing and decreasing the frame rate of your project. You can also check Which is better Alight Motion Or After Effects.

You can check video and get alight motion blur effect download.

FAQS-alight motion blur effect

To add blur to a moving video in Alight Motion app, follow these steps:

  • Import your video clip into the app and place it on the timeline.
  • Select the clip and tap on the “Add Layer” button to add a new layer above it.
  • In the new layer, tap on the “+” button and select the “Blur” effect.
  • Adjust the intensity and duration of the blur effect as needed by using the sliders provided.
  • Preview the video to make sure the blur effect is applied correctly.
  • Export the video with the added blur effect.
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