How to add beat mark in alight motion? Complete guide 2022

Let’s take a look at How to add beat mark in alight motion. When it comes to sad songs, fast songs, or slow motion videos, what is the most effective way to add a beat mark?

How can you add a beat mark according to image, beat and sound? You can easily add the beat mark in your video by tapping on the time the run continuously. The time shown in the video, will tap it and it’s done. It is so simple to add a beat mark in alight motion. So lets see it briefly.

  • Open alight motion and create a project
  • Go to media
  • Select a sound or a fast dj sound video
  • You can also select a sound from the video( go to media > select a video> extract sound> delete video)
  • You have to place the beat mark while looking at the graph. For example, the graph is thick at some places and getting thinner at some places.
  • A beat mark must be placed at the beginning and at the end.
  • First you have to listen to the sound, then you have to see the graph where it is getting thicker and where it is getting thinner.
  • From where the graph is getting thicker or giving 2 different sounds, you have to put a beat mark there.
  • We don’t put a beat mark on a small sound.
  • Do not place beatmarks on each thick graph. You will have to understand it yourself. So it’s compulsory to listen to the song first.
  • Wherever we put the beat mark, whenever there is time on that beat, it will turn red and as the song plays, the beat mark will play as well.

So these are the basic points to add a beat mark in your video. You can apply these steps to add a beat mark in your video. Give your videos a perfect sound and customize your photos with plenty of accessible effects.

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