How does Alight Motion add media to its library? Free 2023

Alight motion mod apk allows us to add media in its library at a time and one by one. Follow our steps and keep reading our guide on how does Alight Motion add media to its library. The media includes video, audio and images clips. All those who want to add media to their library of Alight Motion and are unable to add it in any way,In order to add media, you can do so in a variety of ways.

  • Import command and import button.
  • Use Finder to add media files.
  • Sequentially added your media.
  • Do not use files in the composition.
  • Create multiple projects at a time by adding media.

How To Import Command And Import Button

Apply any of the method:

  • Select File.
  • Use command button or import simply.
  • There is a toolbar click to import.
  • Click on canvas and choose a shortcut menu to import your media.
  • A pop will appear click to shift button or command button to add media.

Select One Of The Method:

  • Tap to import.
  • Drag or drop you videos and images.
  • There are two options: first if you add media in an empty area you need to create a new group of these images and videos, on the other hand if you do not want to create a new group simply add media into already existing layers..
  • In simple words add your media into the timeline.
  • Layers and canvas will display the media you added.

Add media files using the Finder

  • You simply use finder to add media in alight motion.
  • Click to shift and add media in your library.
  • Drag and drop files in the listed layers.

Add Images In A Sequence

It is normal to dismiss the sequence of your images. alight motion allows you to add your images as a single object. In a movie, your images will be added sequentially.Alight motion mod apk ios is also great app for ios user.

Some steps to add your images in a sequence:

  • Select your file and tap to import button.
  • A dialog box will appear.
  • Select the images in a sequence.
  • Select the sequence of check box.
  • Remember: sometimes checkbox of image sequence will not appear so you can Import.

Import Files Without Using Them In The Composition

You can add your media in alight motion mod apk library and even don’t need to compose it. If you want to see your media in future simply add your files in the media list. Apparently there is no media shown in the layers list or canvas but it remains safe in the media can also download alight motion latest apk.

  • The media list can be accessed by clicking on the media icon.
  • Tap to import button given in toolbar.
  • Drag and drop files from your gallery.
  • In the canvas or timeline, your media will not appear, but it will appear in the media list.

Multiprojects Can Create

Multi-project functionality is available in Alight motion. You can use import as a command button for this task. The process is very simple.

  • Choose file.
  • Import As Command.
  • Click to shift or Command-I.
  • A dialogue box appear.
  • Select multiple images and videos, shift or command click to add these items.
  • You can also choose the ratio.
  • Check the frame rate.
  • Settings audio.
  • Set field order.
  • For adding images in a sequence use image sequence checkbox.
  • Select each image as a frame.
  • Tap to Import As Project.
  • Your media will be appear in the new Motion Project.

The Mac users can install the Rosetta for importing a video as Mac with silicon does not support the video to import in motion. Once you install the Rosetta, reopen and restart the motion app and enjoy all features.

If you have any issue How does Alight Motion add media to its library? Then feel free ask in comments. Thank you for reading!

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