Does Alight Motion give you a video trimming option

Does Alight Motion give you a video trimming option.Alight Motion is an editing app in which not only you can make your video look professional but can also trim and edit your video.So I thought why not write a complete post on it and explain how to trim the video in detail.

Trimming is another feature of alight motion mod apk just like presets, keyframes, and video, audio effects. You can trim your video using alight motion app in some simple steps.

So let’s discuss how to trim or edit a video in alight motion app.

  • Open alight motion.
  • Create a project and add video.
  • To add a video click on the + icon.
  • Tap to media.
  • Select whatever video you want to add.
  • Once your video has been added, click Back to crop.
  • now again click on +icon.
  • There’s A square shape element, click on it.
  • So the more you move this square, the more part of the video will be trimmed.
  • Cover the square at as much video you want.
  • After that you have to equalize the length of the video by squaring the length of your video that you have covered.
  • Slide the graph at the end of the video.
  • now there are 4 options click on third one, when you click on it, its length will be equal to the video.
  • now come to start of the video.
  • There is a layer option click on it.
  • Click on select all layers.
  • now click on the middle option.
  • You have done.
  • Your video has been cropped.

So friends, now you can crop the video with confidence. And you also learned a new skill of how we can edit, crop and edit any video. These are the easiest steps to trimming a video in alight motion in a very short time.

When you do it in practice, you will understand it easily and you will remember the steps. I I hope that this post will clear your thoughts and you do not need to watch any youtube video or visit any other website. We will be glad to answer any questions you may have in the comments section. Thanks:)

Celeste M. Shorey

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