Alight Motion Vs Kinemaster Which Is Better?

Many people who use Alight Motion Vs Kinemaster can’t decide which one is better because both these apps perform almost the same functions. So how can we choose an app for best video editing?

In this post we do a comparison alight motion vs kinemaster which is better. If you also want the result of the same comparison then stay with us and read this post till the end.

What is the best video editor for smartphones?

There are a variety of video editing applications available, depending on what kind of editing you are planning. Alight Motion (iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Android) may be the right choice for someone looking to work with visual effects, animation, motion graphics, or compositing.

Alight Motion

  • Alight motion does not have pre installed animation or graphics. You have to customize all the things by self.
  • It consumes more time for editing.
    Alight motion does not offer these types of transition.
  • Alight motion enables their users to make a blur motion video.
  • You can copy paste unlimited layers in alight motion app. You can copy & paste layers from one project to another project.
  • Alight motion has an IDropper feature.
  • It also has feather, invert and threshold options.
  • Alight motion crashes if you cross the limit.
  • Take more time to export a video.
  • In alight motion everything works well such as text, inner and outer growth, border and shadow.
  • Offers amazing effects.
  • Alight motion allows you to import external fonts.
  • It allows almost all blending options that the editor needs.
  • It offers masking features which is super wonderful.
  • Alight motion allows you to crop or move layers as you want easily.
  • Alight motion allows you to add keyframes anywhere you want.
  • In alight motion we cannot adjust the speed of a video or even we can’t reverse a video..
  • alight motion effect copy and paste.


  • Kinemaster provides us pre installed graphics such as text, clip graphics, animation.
  • It consumes less time for editing.
  • Kinmaster offers hundred plus transitions.
  • It does not have the blur motion feature.
  • You can not copy any layer in kinemaster but you can drag a duplicate layer.
  • It does not have an IDropper feature.
  • It has no feather, invert and threshold options.
  • Kinemaster never crashes even if you import 100 videos.
  • User friendly to export a video.
  • The text transformation does not work well.
  • There’s not much effect for editing as alight motion app.
  • It doesn’t allow you to import external fonts.
  • There are limited blending options.
  • It does allow masking.
  • You will face difficulty when controlling or cropping a layer.
  • Keyframes are used only for move and transformation. You cannot use a keyframe in Fx video.
  • You can easily adjust the speed of a footage such as 1x, 5x, slow or fast etc.
  • kinemaster after effects mod apk.

Kinemaster takes less time to export a video or you can export 100 plus video if it does not crash. On the other hand, alight motion takes a lot of time to export a video and it will crash if you cross the limit. or you can also kinemaster tumblr apk download.

Alight motion pro apk enables you to create transitions by yourself by using different features such motion blur, and green screen, so you do not need to import anything else from elsewhere.

FAQS- Alight Motion Vs Kinemaster

Well, kinemaster is a video editing app free of cost. It offers plenty of stunning features in a freemium subscription that makes your video stand out. You can use kinemaster on both IOS and Android devices.

Copyright is now no longer an issue for users of kinemaster. You can download and use any music asset from kinemaster without worrying about copyright issues.

Yes you can, because kinemaster and alight motion enable you to make videos for instagram, facebook,tiktok, youtube and many other sites. You just need to have a device through which you can share your videos and become a star.

The unique feature of alight motion is that it offers to edit and make visual effects and animations. In Fact you can adjust a number of layers to make your video look more professional.


Alight Motion Vs Kinemaster. The rest of you do want to use both of these apps, if they have some disadvantages, they also have some advantages. I think it’s better to use Kinmaster as compared to alight motion. Now we are waiting to know your opinion. kinemaster vs alight motion You can tell us which app you think is more appropriate and with which you have had a better experience.

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