Which is better Alight Motion Or After Effects?

Every day almost all of the people asked which is better: Alight Motion Or After Effects. At first I was not aware of this but when I used alight motion or after effects one by one, I noticed some difference between them. The purpose of today’s article is to share with you my experience and opinions.

According to my advice, after effects are much better than alight motion. These are the standard graphic effects that make our video outstanding. As per its quality it charges more than alight motion.

The after effects are not compatible with final cut pro, but you can use alight motion for this. As I am a usual grapher,I like alight motion because not only is it cheap but all the features are enough for me. When there are many features in After Effects which I don’t even use, so why should I buy it for more money?

Price is not only the complete comparison between alight motion and after effects there is something more that you need to know.

Difference Between Alight Motion And After Effects Capabilities

In reality this could be an improper comparison between alight motion and after effects. Alight motions can do all the things that after effects do.

Alight Motion App

  • In alight motion we can make beautiful templates and themes, that are already exist in final cut pro.
  • Alight motion is easy to use and simple.
  • Low price.
  • Easy to create multiple projects and create groups.
  • Convenient.
  • Create 3D projects.
  • 4D cinema creation.

After Effects App

  • Can create graphical videos, themes and templates.
  • May be tricky to use.
  • High price.
  • Content aware fill options.
  • Not as much convenient as motion.
  • Compatible for both Mac and window platforms.
  • Rotoscoping, and 3D design.

What Is The Best Choice For You?

Which is better Alight Motion Or After Effects. Honestly, alight motion is the best choice for me. As features that alight motion provide are enough for me and also it comes in low price. So in your case, if you want to hook up with other Adobe software users and make high quality graphics, you can think about taking this expensive tool After Effects. You can also check How to replace picture in alight motion.

There are lots of people who create motion graphics by using final cut pro but they need a tool which gives a sequence of opening and intro to their videos. For this purpose I suggest alight motion app. Alight motion also enables you to create custom lower elements.

If viewed from a different point of view, alight motion has all the features required to do a professional job. So you don’t need to buy After Effects which is also expensive from alight motion. This is my opinion and experience. You can share your opinion in the comments. I hope this article will be useful for you:)

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